August 14, 2019

Several nonprofits and government agencies received grants to help improve the health and well-being of residents in four counties Friday, Aug. 9.

The Chowan Hospital Foundation awarded its 14th annual Community Benefits Grand Program during a ceremony in the hospital’s classrooms. The awards…


August 07, 2019

Scientists and community leaders will come together on Aug. 24 to discuss harmful algal blooms in northeastern North Carolina.


August 07, 2019

Defying labels and challenging accepted political narratives, Jacob Neer is breaking the mold as a black conservative.

Neer, 18, who grew up in Edenton, said he has worked on several political campaigns for conservative candidates. Soon after Neer graduated in June, this Eagle Scout was invited to…


August 07, 2019

Chowan County Comission’s meeting agenda contained a long laundry list of items Monday.

Commissioners received an update from the joint school replacement committee, discussed cost-of-living raises sought by the sheriff's office and initiated plans to finance the renovation of the former D.F.…

August 02, 2019

Going northbound on Mexico Road, one can find a U-Haul truck sitting outside the home of one Edentonian family, with a host of younger volunteers chipping in to get the house up to code.

For the past few decades, the Carolina Rebuilding Ministry out of Plymouth has offered its services to families…

2019-07-25 10.10.24.jpg

July 31, 2019

Early indicators suggest the annual algae bloom was reported in spots between Arrowhead Beach and Edenton Bay.  

However, the Chowan Herald's weekly kayak trip that started near the Chowan River Bridge, up the Bertie shoreline, then across the Albermarle Sound to St. John's Island and…


July 30, 2019

COLUMBIA – A pontoon boat excursion up the Scuppernong River provided a small taste to policymakers who are actively working to create and promote the Harbor Town Project.

Guided by River Roaming Tours Captain Ray Davenport, the tour followed a meeting Monday between town and county officials…


July 24, 2019

Early Friday morning, Jonathan Tobias is seated by Edenton Coffee House’s big window. Even before coffee, Tobias is alert and welcoming when most folks are shaking off the morning.

As to welcoming, Tobias has a warm demeanor, perhaps speech patterns and maybe even the same fashion sense as Mr.…


July 24, 2019

​July 2019 is a season of political heat in North Carolina and the United States.

​But sharply differing opinions need not be divisive or terminal.

A viewpoint can be accepted graciously or rejected without demeaning gestures.

What are some of the perspectives or ways of engaging…


July 22, 2019

BARCO — The Edenton All-Stars under 10 girls' softball team put an exclamation mark to the end of its 2019 Tarheel Leagues season Sunday morning.

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