Dems' heeding sirens' call to destructive socialism


Ray Clarke Sr.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Long ago in nautical lore there were stories told of the sirens. Sirens were mythical female beings who lured sailors with their enchanting songs ... to meet their deaths on jagged rocks.

Now, those sirens were not real but the ones we have today are very real and their songs are just as deceptive. Such as the song being sung now by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Oh, the tune sounds just peachy, promising Medicare for all, universal job guarantees and — have you heard? — housing as a right.

The trouble with that is there is never, I repeat never, a free government lunch. Who will be paying for all of these "free" goodies? The Democrats want to tax the rich and to raise more taxes and to tax the rich to pay for them. If that were to happen, just watch as the jobs vanish and corporations collapse, following closely afterward by our nation’s economy. Venezuela, whose socialism has been praised for a long time, is having trouble with just supplying the people with toilet paper. Oh and here is an added tidbit of information: Adolf Hitler was a socialist — just look how good that direction turned out.

No matter how sweetly they try to sing the song, the madness of socialism will bring this nation to the jagged rocks of economic ruin and destruction. That is reality. What’s also a reality is that conservatives and, for the most part, the Republican Party have been trying to navigate America toward the safe waters of fiscal responsibility.

The Democrats and many liberals are marching to the sirens’ song with gusto. Which will we choose this November? 

Ray Clarke Sr.

Elizabeth City