Hunting should remain a privilege, not a right


Friday, October 5, 2018

Making hunting a right is a very bad idea. Hunting is pure sport. In the Stone Age we hunted for survival. Today hunting is a hobby and a sport just like any game we play. Should we change North Carolina’s Constitution for a game we play? My vote is no. 

I would ask hunters to please explain exactly what they are getting because they will still have to pay for a privilege license. They will still have to obey all hunting rules. 

I would say to landowners, what you may lose if hunting becomes a right is the right to pass local laws. North Carolina General Statute 113-133.1 allows boards of county commissioners to pass laws concerning hunting but has a small effect on conservation of wildlife. It is not clear how making hunting a right will impact your landowner rights. 

This constitutional amendment smells of a hidden agenda. Hunting is currently a privilege — just like driving your car is a privilege. Hunting should remain a privilege. As a landowner my vote is no. 

Doug Lane

Elizabeth City