Biggest threat to abortion is truth about personhood


Saturday, January 12, 2019

The editorial page of The Daily Advance again demonstrated its tone deafness toward its readers by printing an editorial from the Los Angles Times asserting the undeniable virtues and constitutionality of abortion. The editorial was merely more propaganda promoting abortion as a benign private matter that frees pregnant women from an unseemly burden thrust upon them.

Like most abortion propaganda, the article failed to discuss the medical science that increasingly demonstrates personhood of the baby in the womb sooner and sooner with each new discovery. These medical facts and conspicuous truths are the reasons behind the legislative restrictions on abortion. The editorial also failed to mention spiritual, mental, emotional, relational or medical repercussions from abortion.

Rather, the editorial continued to paint the false image of getting an abortion as being like spending an afternoon at the spa.

The last thing abortion advocates want is for the actual reality of abortion procedures and consequences understood by their audiences. Ultrasound videos of babies in the womb and their heartbeats undermine the hue and cry of abortion rights advocates.

Abortion is a procedure that its advocates simply cannot defend on any merit at all. So they rely on editorial propaganda and judicial bullying while painting its opponents as outlandish radicals — quite the opposite of the actual people who will be participating in the March for Life in a couple of weeks. The biggest threat to abortion providers are not laws or politicians but the simple truth.

Craig Stephans

Elizabeth City