Letter could have mentioned other black achievers


Leon Reed Adams

Thursday, March 14, 2019

I commend Dr. Hezekiah Brown for his review of African-American achievements. Yet, I must object to his failure to include aspects of that culture pertinent to all and especially to eastern North Carolina.

Our area has certain phenomenally exceptional individuals who happen to be African-American. For example, society at large and our area specifically has benefited from contributions to the legal system by Janice Cole, a former U.S. attorney, District Court judge and Perquimans County commissioner, and her husband, Judge J.C. Cole. Indeed, their contributions are so substantial that it merited a recent news story about them.

Bishop Ernest Sutton, previous superintendent of Pasquotank Correctional Institution, has shown remarkable and consistent contributions to our area by linking criminal justice service with religious service. Dr. Brown left his own contributions out. His public service has been outstanding at both the formal governmental level and in the community.

On a wider level, such individuals as Garrett Morgan, who invented the traffic stop light could be mentioned, as those lights have saved many lives.

On a very broad scientific level, Dr. Brown could have mentioned the research showing objective and scientifically rigorous findings allowing us to reach more accurate conclusions about black fathers than has previously been possible. A federal study showed that when black and white fathers living with their children were compared, black men choosing to live with their children were more involved as parents than were white fathers.

At a time when race is so volatile an issue, it is critical that we all reach out to others and recognize their finer points, as Dr. Brown did commenting on President Trump’s nobility. 

Leon Reed Adams

Elizabeth City