Cyclist struck by car while waiting for a traffic light


Kim Mason

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

I was out for a quick bicycle ride on a beautiful Friday evening and stopped at Oakum and Church street traffic light, and then was struck by a left-turning car from Church Street. I know she did not do this intentionally – but my weekend and weeks to follow were ruined just the same, and probably hers as well, and yet I was blessed with out more serious injuries.

There were several people who quickly came to my aid, so I wanted to say thank you!! There was one lady who said she was a nurse or EMT or something who used her car to block me from traffic and stayed there talking to me until the ambulance arrived, Thank you. I was pretty shaken and upset and really appreciated the several people who stopped to help however they could and keep an eye on me. Thank each and every one of you – I am sorry I did not get names, and pretty new to town so do not know everyone.

I want to take a minute to remind motorist – you have brakes for a reason. This is a town with lots of pedestrians and several cyclist and folks who are out and about so be careful. Anyone would have been struck in this situation if I was walking, or anything as I was stopped waiting for the light, and dressed in a bright orange jersey. I know the motorist did not hit me on purpose and was very upset that she did – but folks really need to be more patient and careful.

Cycling is my way of trying to get exercise and brings me so much joy. I dress in bright colors and have lights when needed. Motorist need to brake until it is safe to change lanes and go around cyclists or pedestrians – the roads and shoulders around Edenton and in the area are narrow and there is no where to go -- so slow down – allow a wide berth in case something happens – slow down, change lanes and give about 6’ when passing cyclist – just think. You do not want to hit them with a mirror or if they fall, you would not want to run over them – it will ruin your day and so much more.

I am lucky, I only received a cut and some stitches, and bruises so hopefully will be healed up enough to join the Cycling event that will be in Edenton at the end of April – but this accident could have been so much worse. My carbon fiber professional quality road bike was totally destroyed – hopefully I can get fixed or replaced quickly.

So, Thank you again to the wonderful people who stopped to help and the first responders who took good care of me, and my daughter who arrived quickly, you were all truly a blessing!

Kim Mason