Abortion doesn't advance equality, it just takes a life


L. Reed Adams

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Holly Audette has done it again with her June 30 column titled “Abortion on demand feminists’ answer to equality.”

She routinely identifies for us emotional issues of broad concern. She then dissects them so the critical causes and effects are clear. Recognizing the effort to achieve equality of the sexes, and the unresolved questions of abortion, she reveals how they interact. The illogical position of killing a child to accommodate the mother and the false assumption that such a position advances equality, are shown as causes of social degradation.

Not only is killing immoral, it is socially counterproductive. For example, Hitler killed millions of Jews. We also know that while Jews now comprise less than 0.2 percent of the world’s population, they receive 20 percent of the Nobel Prizes! We must ask what might those murdered Jews have contributed to society with a full life. The same may be asked of murdered babies.

We know decisions on abortion are sometimes biased against female babies. Yet research shows girls are more intelligent than boys. So we must again ask if the aborted girls had lived, might they have made major social advances? Certainly conditions exist requiring abortions. Let us, however, review the Audette argument before we reach a final conclusion.

L. Reed Adams

Elizabeth City