McCarthy's first novel reminds one of Sparks, Woolf


Jim Bridges

Thursday, August 15, 2019

I enjoyed Anna Goodwin McCarthy’s first novel, “Hitting the Send Button,” partly because I know her father, mother, aunt and uncle. I think that you will enjoy it, also. Nothing and everything happens in this book. There are no rapes, murders, exploding cars, burning buildings, mass shootings, or insane presidents. However, tides of emotion ebb and flow with a mesmerizing quality.

The book is a cross between novels by Nicholas Sparks and Virginia Woolf. Sparks writes similarly of relationships and tides of emotions. Woolf, the one whom all “sane” people should be afraid of, suggests that nothing external exists, that we do not know about burning buildings. We know only about our impressions of burning buildings.

That’s scary.


Elizabeth City