Dems failed to impeach Clintons, Obama


Frank Habit

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Beginning with the days of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s fireside chats on radio, up to today’s incredible TV showcasing by presidents, I’ve followed them all. That history has proved that some of the most idiotic statements ever have come from their mouths is beyond belief.

I just listened to President Trump speaking to the world at the conclusion of his United Nations visit. He mostly directed his remarks to the worst-of-the-worst Democrats and he virtually blew them away. How he has met one on one or, as he said, some two on two with so many world leaders is mind-boggling.

The corrupt Democrats went fishing and caught some of their own. The went hunting and shot down some of their own.

Impeachment. OK. Let’s do our homework. They should have convicted Both Bill and Hillary Clinton, and did not have the guts to go after former President B. Hassan Obama, a foreign national, according to his signed application to go to an American college as a foreign student.

The Democrats have slapped the tar baby. And shall not get out of it. That’s a fact.

Frank Habit


Editor’s note: The fact-checking websites PolitiFact and Snopes investigated the claim in 2010 that former President Barack Obama entered Occidental College in California as a foreign national student and found it’s based on no evidence or facts, just a fake story that was circulated by a chain email.