America must remain vigilant to invasion threat


Frank Habit

Monday, October 14, 2019

The foul-mouthed Democrats are still at it, but more so. U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, just topped them all. Shame. She had no earthly idea what she was saying. I prefer not to repeat it here.

Two equally more serious and pressing threats to the very existence of our United States of America are: the collapse of the imploded Democratic Party’s integrity and its left-wing promotion of open borders for invaders. They are not refuges as the leftist media and the socialist Democrats try to claim.

The other equally threat to our nation is the Islamic movement spreading northward into Europe and into our country as well. Orhan’s son, Murad I, was the first Ottoman emperor to use Gallipoli for permanent conquests in Europe. Constantinople itself was bypassed, despite the weakness and disorganization of its defenders, because its thick walls and well-placed defenses remained too strong for the nomadic Ottoman army, which continued to lack siege equipment.

Wake up, America! Over the years I’ve heard many in the morning coffee clubs poke fun at the ongoing fighting in the Middle East. I took it that they were making a point with me for it was reported that my grandfather was killed in the old country fighting Muslims in Turkey while defending Christianity. I told the yappers that it could happen here in our country, for history tells us that every nation on Earth began with a revolution of some degree.

It has been said, “Sleep well tonight for your National Guard is awake.” Wonderful words to live by, but vigilance is a must.

Frank Habit


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