Charges against Eley dropped, he, Jackson say

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Sid Eley


By Peter Williams
The Perquimans Weekly

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Assault charges filed against Hertford Town Councilman Sid Eley were dropped by the District Attorney’s office Monday, according to Quentin Jackson who made the claim.

District Attorney Andrew Womble could not be immediately reached for comment.

“I still have no comment (on the original charge against Jackson) but the charges (against me) have been dropped,” Eley said Monday night. “Andy (Womble) said they should have never been filed in the first place.”

Jackson has been charged with assault on a government official for hitting Eley in the head with a closed fist after a meeting earlier this month.

Jackson said he tried to get charges filed against Eley for assault in Perquimans County, but said Perquimans magistrates would not hear the case.

Chief District Court Judge Edgar Barnes gave Jackson clearance to approach a magistrate from outside the county to hear his claims, Jackson said. Jackson said he did that on Friday evening with a magistrate in Pasquotank County who issued the assault warrant.

“My testimony has never changed,” Jackson said. He called the charges against him “malarkey” and claims that he was in fear for his safety, because Eley had “got in my face.”

Jackson said Womble should be found in contempt of court for rejecting the charge against Eley.

Jackson said there are four witnesses to the situation and all have different stories. John Leidy, the town’s attorney, Councilmen Frank Norman, Eley and Mayor Horace Reid.

Councilman Archie Aples also attended the meeting but was outside the room when the alleged events happened. Town Manager Pamela Hurdle went to get Aples when the incident happened, Jackson said.

Jackson is scheduled to appear in court Dec. 5 on a charge of assaulting a government official. A guilty verdict could involve from one to 150 days in jail.