Guinn's CPR biz teaches lifesaving skill

Learn & Love Ribbon Cutting 2.JPG

Megan Guinn, owner of Learn and LoveCPR, is shown during a Currituck Chamber of Commerce ribbon-cutting ceremony for her business in Moyock, Tuesday, Jan. 29.


By Kesha Williams

Sunday, February 10, 2019

MOYOCK — Megan Guinn remembers the first time she realized just how critically important it is for more people to know how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation in an emergency.

It was 2007 and she was taking her first airplane ride when a flight attendant startled passengers by asking if there were any trained medical professionals aboard. A passenger was unconscious and not responding.

Guinn was a recent graduate of a college nursing program and knew how to perform CPR. Because of her training, she wasn’t fearful or uncertain in the situation like many of her fellow passengers.  

Fortunately, CPR wasn’t required to revive her fellow passenger. Even so, the incident helped Guinn realize the urgency of more people knowing how to perform CPR.

Guinn has taught CPR classes for eight years, helping train dozens of medical professionals to perform the life-saving technique. In 2013, she decided to launch a business, Learn and LoveCPR, to increase the number of people trained to perform CPR.

“There is still a need for people to want to help in a CPR crisis,” Guinn said. “People don’t have the skill or confidence to help someone in need. I teach from the American Heart Association and we encourage people to help any way possible, to learn and do it effectively.”

According to the American Heart Association, there is a great need for more people other than medical professionals to know how to perform CPR. The association says that more than 350,000 incidents of cardiac arrest occur outside hospitals. That means there are countless instances where a heart attack victim’s only hope for survival or successful recovery is in the hands of a fellow citizen who is not a medical professional.

CPR certification is either mandatory or highly recommended for a host of working teens and adults. As a result, Guinn knew she had a large group of prospective clients to support her business.

“Health care professionals, life guards, charter board operators, I would say (CPR) is mandatory for their jobs,” she said. “Baby sitters, anyone who works at a marina or by a body of water, should be trained. Construction workers could benefit from CPR, as well as people working at adventure places, state parks and recreational services.”

While she still works full time to earn a living, Guinn reserves time each month to teach classes to the general public. Last month, the Currituck Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting for her at her new location at 111D Currituck Commercial Drive in Moyock. 

"The students that give me feedback say they do feel confident to help someone in the community,” Guinn said. “That is my reward. That’s all I need to hear. Knowing they could help someone on the job or help someone at home is good.”

Guinn’s business can be reached by email at Learnandlove@gmail.com.