More home-heating aid available


From staff reports

Monday, February 11, 2019

More money is now available to help low-income people in Pasquotank County pay for their home heating costs, county Social Services Director Melissa Stokely said Friday.

Stokely said the county has received another $93,812 in federal funding for the Low Income Energy Assistance Program, or LIEAP.

Each year, the program typically runs out of money before winter is over. This year, Pasquotank DSS’ LIEAP funding ran out on Jan. 18 after serving more than 800 families.

Each winter, the program starts out limited to serving the aged and disabled, but then opens up to include low-income people. People are eligible for the new LIEAP funds if they make less than 110 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. That works out to about $13,700 for an individual or about $28,300 for a family of four, based on the poverty numbers on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ website.

Stokely said the most LIEAP will pay on behalf of an applicant is $400. That money is paid directly to their utility or natural gas provider, she said.

For more information about applying for LIEAP funding, Stokely said to call Pasquotank DSS at 338-2126.