Patriotism is an endangered species


Holly Audette

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

My husband and I try each week to take one day off.

One of our favorite things to do is ride his motorcycle together to unwind, get away from phones and spend a few hours just thinking and admiring the beautiful area we live in. We explore the region through farmland, the ocean and waterways and enjoy quaint towns. Motorcyclists have an unspoken camaraderie. We waive when we pass each other and make conversation when we stop. My husband flies flags on his bike and they, too, draw attention.

People thank him for his military service, other veterans and patriots give us their thumbs up and big smiles. It feels really good to have the love of the sport of motorcycling in common with other folks, but it is the unabashed patriotism we truly enjoy. Patriotism is diminishing in our society. Many on the left make no bones about the range of unfavorable emotions they have of our country from mere distaste to complete hatred.

The Obama presidency made contempt for this nation popular with first lady Michelle Obama declaring, “...for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.”

We won the Cold War in the Obamas’ lifetime; that didn’t make her proud of this country? I guess the defeat of the hold of communism and prohibition of liberty for millions of people is not worthy of taking pride in.

Love of country used to be unifying with almost everyone like it is today among motorcycle enthusiasts. Flying the flag used to be something we did to show commonality; now it’s considered offensive and divisive. With the bonds of love of country failing what do we have left that provides something we all relate to? Not our genders, they are fluid. Not our ethnicity, that is discriminatory. Not our faith, that is judgmental. Not our citizenship, that is elitist. Not our language, that is intolerant. Not our borders, that is fascist. The left wants to end the relationship among us that is based on anything other than our humanity, which is really not about what we share but about them dictating the terms of value.

What is humane is what the left values and it is that imposition of their defined value they insist everyone accept and ultimately agree with or remain silent. We will not decide this through our representative processes of governing. They will ignore those results and simply dictate to us by mob rule, anarchy and through shaming us about what should be. How will they succeed? By getting rid of the significance of institutions that reflect others’ views. The left already diminishes the state and federal legislatures by judge shopping for liberal judges who negate the people’s duly elected representatives they do not agree with. Judges based on their personal politics will declare such laws invalid and thus control governing policy. On appeal, they may ultimately lose, but it will take years in most cases for final resolution. By then the left will have succeeded in browbeating people into submission or silence.

We see this played out locally, too. Currituck Commissioner Kitty Etheridge told me arrogantly that a local conflict of interest ordinance does not apply to state Rep. Bob Steinburg, but it should, so the county shouldn’t have let him do what the laws that do apply to him allow. This newspaper echoed her same viewpoint: That law and procedure from local and state elected officials may have been followed correctly but they don’t like it and so he shouldn’t have done it.

The irony of all of this attempt at liberal control of value mandating we must agree or risk everything from alienation to assault is that in turn, those loudly demanding sameness from those in opposition to what liberals define as valuable, will ultimately use the institutions they changed from reflecting the will of voters against even the liberal masses to control what they are allowed to value. Then many of us will have commonality again, not for love of country but rather for loss of liberty.

Holly Audette is a small-business owner active in political and civic causes.