God is just; trust him and you'll overcome wickedness


Dr. Clay Perkins


By Clay Perkins

Saturday, September 29, 2018

“In the Lord I take refuge. … For the Lord is righteous, he loves justice; the upright will see his face. — Psalm 11:1a, 7 (The Bible, New International Version)

What does a righteous person do when all around them is unrighteousness? How can you handle life with those who are evil shooting at you from the shadows? What are normal people to do when at any moment terrorism can once again rip at the very fabric of humanity? Does it seem that a person trying to do good and live a decent life comes under siege from evil? When the foundation crumbles, what are we supposed to do?

David found himself in that situation. His moral and political order was turned upside down when those who should have been standing with him were plotting his assassination. Even his own son was a part of the rebellion. Unnamed enemies made evil claims about his leadership from the shadows. Those around him recommended he flee for safety (Psalm 11:1-4). With this going on, what could David do?

What can we do when we find ourselves in similar situations?

Always remember that we serve a God who is still on the throne. Does God not know the actions of the righteous and the wicked alike? Has God not promised to protect us from evil and that His fury will fall upon those who practice evil and acts of terror (Psalm 11:4-16)? Indeed, God is still on his throne. God is still active. God is.

In fact, that promise of divine oversight was not just an assurance for David and his time, but a guarantee for us (Revelation 14:10, 20:10, 21:8). God will provide the ultimate protection from those who seek evil and not good.

So, when the world around you is crazy … when everything seems impossible for those who want to do what is right … if you are being attacked over and over for holding to simple truths and righteousness …. remember these truths: God is righteous. God loves justice. Those who live uprightly will see His face (Psalm 11:7).

Life in this world is, at times, a bloody mess. Often evil is overwhelming. What is a person supposed to do? Trust God. Let us trust in the Lord even when the foundation crumbles. Wickedness destroys. But God destroys the wicked. God upholds the righteous. Rest in the arms of God.

Stay focused.

D. Clay Perkins is an adjunct professor at Mid-Atlantic Christian University. The opinions expressed in this column belong to the author and may not be those of MACU.