Handling pressure on the lanes


Mike Hawkins Bowling Columnist


By Mike Hawkins

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

What is it that helps a bowler perform under pressure?

I recently read an article about this and it highlighted three characteristics of successful bowlers when facing clutch, under pressure shots.

The first reminded me of my dad’s advice in certain situations.

Now, my dad was not a bowler by any means, but his best advice could be used in almost any situation.

His reminder to me was always, “no matter the outcome, the sun’s gonna rise tomorrow.”

Bowlers can take that little nugget with them anywhere.

Good or bad, at the end of the night, your teammates are going to still like you and life’s going to go on the next day, week, or tournament.

The next advice to be successful under pressure is to remember your past successes and build off them.

Even if it wasn’t in bowling, you can still reflect on times you were success in anything, and apply that positive experience to the next one you face on the lanes.

The third piece of advice is for you to simply enjoy the moment.

Clutch athletes not only enjoy the moment, they seek the opportunity.

I doubt there were many times that Michael Jordan looked his coach in the eye and said, “Let Scottie take the last shot.”

So, the next time, you need a strike or spare to shoot that big game, or win one for your team, remember, it’s going to be alright, remember your successes, and relish the opportunity before taking that crucial shot.

So, who performed under pressure on the local lanes last week?

You may remember from last week the Paul Lacher had lost perfection on the 11th ball two weeks ago during Fellowship League.

Well, last week, that elusive second 300 game slipped from his fingertips in the 10th frame when he left a stubborn 10 pin. He did finish that game with a 267 and cruised on to a 670 league high for the night in Fellowship.

Trailing only Lacher on Fellowship last week was Jevon Simpson who pounded the pocket to the tune of a 252-645, followed closely be Jack Atland’s 234-643.

Other Fellowship men reaching the 600 mark were Denwood Williams (222-636), Lake Krehel (224-635), Mark Tarkington (231-630), and Woody Heckstall (230-614).

Kaytee Simpson got lined up for a 230-618 to lead the Fellowship ladies and give the league 8 total 600-plus series.

Trailing only Kaytee, was her teammate, Bobbi-Jo Tarkington who fired a 202-537 and Brittney Gaumond who bagged a 194-508.

Bobbi Winslow stayed around the pocket all night last Monday to lead the men with his 222-623 while Randy Cartwright was splitting the pins for a nice 257-619 and Paul Lacher was adding a 226-609 and Rondell Christian was connecting for a nice 231 game.

On the ladies’ side of Monday Night Mixed, Stephanie Winslow continued to lead the ladies in high average (168) with her 193-522.

Susie Thomas added a 180 game, while Sharon Hoffler finished with a 176-486, but the lady of the night may have been Noreen Walton.

Noreen walked in with a 127 average and burst through the doors with a 186 first game, followed by 151 and 130 efforts.

At the end of the night she had finished with a 267-710 handicap night.

Her 710 handicap series set the new season high for the ladies! By the way, did I mention she did all this against the team I was bowling for, so I had a front row seat for all of it!

Rondell Christian continued some recent hot bowling by tossing a nice 243-634 to lead the men of the Martin Luther King League. Bobby Winslow followed with a 216-613 and John Taylor ended with a 207-579 series, while Clarence Burke and Marvin Burnham added sweet games of 232 and 220 respectively.

Susie Thomas, of Wednesday night’s Albemarle Rollers, took top honors during the ladies-only leagues with her 173-496, just ahead of Patsy Sanders’ 167-466, and Sylvia Holley’s 172-448.

Maria Madonia lead all during All-American Ladies with her 165-484, followed by Stella Miller’s 158-462. Ocie Manos and Carol Hodge took top game honors with 170 and 169 respectively.

Tristan Hardison rolled a 89 game to lead the bumper bumper kids, while Ben Hawkins followed a 213-601 from last week with a 197-525 to top the youth boys.

Right behind Ben were Bryce Hawkins (183-494) and Thomas Adams (189-457). The youth girls were topped by Violet Olds’ 134-358, Kaylee Winslow’s 122-329, Elizabeth Scaff’s 329 series, and Lindsay Porter’s 125 game.

Until next week, good luck and good bowling.